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And we believe that higher education should provide students the opportunity to explore, grow, and thrive. Our company was founded by people who have contended first-hand with a university admissions system that is complicated and constantly changing. And for international students, the challenges are multiplied. Choosing the right school is a lifetime opportunity and investment. Let us help your student apply with knowledge and confidence to achieve good choices and admissions success.
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Counsellor Notes
18 April 2024

U.S. Schools Set to Cross $100,000 Mark

Tennessee's Vanderbilt University may be the first US university to cross the $100,000 threshold for tuition and fees next year, but others, including the University of Chicago, the University of Southern California, Washington University in St. Louis, and Tufts University, are not far behind. These schools are quick to clarify that this is the ‘’sticker price,’’ and that each provides financial aid to meet students’ demonstrated need. These and similarly priced schools represent a tiny fraction of the 2,300 4-year degree-granting institutions in the US. The College Board reports that average fees for the 2023–24 academic year were $41,540 for private nonprofit four-year institutions, $29,150 for out-of-state students at public universities, and $11,260 for in-state students at public universities. 

EU Prepares to Launch Member-Wide Degree

The European Commission has presented a blueprint for a European degree that would allow higher education institutions in member states to cooperate seamlessly to set up joint programs that will be accepted across the EU as a European degree. The degree would tackle the legal and administrative barriers that universities currently face when setting up joint degree programs, while allowing universities to maintain institutional autonomy and academic freedom. It would boost learning and professional mobility by making degrees more recognisable to future employers, meeting labour market demand across borders, and strengthening European competitiveness by attracting students from around the world.

UK Student Bulge Underscores Opportunities and Constraints

The number of first-year undergraduate students in England will increase by about one-third by decade’s end, from roughly 522,000 this year to 683,000 in 2030-31, putting pressure on education budgets that are already strained and misaligned, reports the Financial Times. The demographic bulge comes amid constraints in the sector, which include a freeze on annual undergraduate tuition fees of £9,250 that will create a £2,500 loss for each domestic student this year. Industry leaders see the student swell as an opportunity to address the country’s skills shortage if there are fixes to the current imbalance between traditional degrees and technical qualifications, and to a 2017 apprenticeship programme that has failed to deliver expected results. 

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University Advising

      Our services are available by the hour or in customised packages to address the needs of

every student. An initial consultation is free.

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             Senior Year Checklist

Starting in spring, junior year, organisation is everything. This package provides essential support to help the student stay on track and ahead of deadline throughout the application process. It starts with an assessment and checklist, and is followed by a schedule of consultations to produce a to-do list and timeline and provide guidance in the areas the student needs help most. These may include research, developing the university list, application strategy, preparing for entry requirements, providing supporting materials and essays, and reviewing applications.

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               The University List

University admissions are competitive and unpredictable, and so having a smart university list is essential to ensuring good outcomes. There is so much more to choosing the right school than the name! Building the list usually starts in the spring of junior year and demands self-appraisal, reflection and research. It also requires strategy, since admissions dynamics change and student priorities shift. An effective list is a hedge against risk, and an important reminder that there are multiple pathways to achieve personal and educational goals.

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     Essay Development and Review

Whether it's 4,000 characters, 650 words or 50, the essay that is part of every university application challenges the student to write for distinction and impact. Choosing a topic, finding one's voice, selecting evidence, and writing effectively are key. And every writer needs a coach.

About Us

Expert Advice. Admissions Success.

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Our Mission

University Bound offers advising and support to help families and students navigate a university landscape that is constantly shifting. Our approach is individualized, student-centered and ethical.  Our aim is to increase knowledge, manage risk, and reduce stress. We are alert to the latest developments in higher education and equipped with insight and expertise to help students maximize their choices and gain admission to a ''right fit'' school. 


 Who We Are

Joanna Levison is an American expat living in Prague. She launched University Bound to help international students navigate an increasingly complex and global university application process in the U.K., U.S., Europe, and elsewhere, and has advised hundreds of successful students. She has over 20 years of experience in international relations, human rights advocacy, and strategic communications. She has managed mentoring programs for journalists in coordination with the Czech Foreign Ministry and the U.S. Embassy in Prague, and worked at the US State Department in Washington, D.C. She has a Masters Degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies. 

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Our Services

University Bound offers individualized one-to-one consulting. We help students reflect on the fundamental ''why'' of university and arrive at a personal understanding of ''fit." We provide comprehensive research and strategic guidance to produce an effective school list. We offer planning for every step of the application process, expert feedback on personal statements and essays, and insight into financial aid. We assess admissions offers and we celebrate results. We normally work by the hour to address every student need. 

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